Fame Game Developer Fumito Ueda Is Currently Looking For Publisher Deal

There are a few notable game developers that most players are familiar of or at the very least their video game titles. One of those is Fumito Ueda, a developer that delivered two iconic video game titles on the PlayStation 2 followed by The Last Guardian for PlayStation 4 players. Now that the developer has since left Sony and started work for a new development studio known as genDESIGN, it appears that their current project is ready to be showcased for publishers. Unfortunately, what that video game is about continues to remain a secret.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were big hits on the PlayStation 2 with both being more of an adventure title with a focus on the in-game elements to tell its story. Following up those video game titles was The Last Guardian, a very much-hyped video game title that took quite a few years and missed console generations before it was ready for a release into the market. Despite several years of being worked on, there was still plenty of fans eager to jump into the game upon release and reviews have been generally positive.

Now that Fumito Ueda is working on a new game with genDESIGN, we’ve been waiting to hear just what this new project will be about. Polygon recently had the chance to speak with the developer and it was during their conversation that we learned genDESIGN is wrapping up the prototyping of their potential video game project and are gearing up to showcase potential publishers.

This is a big step for video game development as the project, if accepted by a publisher, will start development and can begin working towards its release. This is also potentially still bitter news if this project follows the trend of The Last Guardian with the development team taking years to finish and force to make multiple delays. That could even be a red flag for some publishers for genDESIGN, but for now, it seems that these publishers will soon start getting calls for the development studio to pitch their video game. Likewise, we’re likely not going to see any reveals for the game anytime soon as the developers are only now just ending the prototyping phase. 

Source: Polygon