Telltale Games Is Being Resurrected

You’re all likely aware of the situation Telltale Games have gotten themselves last year. The studio that was known for bringing out countless adventure games that were choice and consequence focused was forced to close its doors. With it was the loss of several video game installments that fans were eagerly awaiting for an upcoming release. While the studio was closed down, it looks like there is another company bringing it back from the dead.

LCG Entertainment has revived the Telltale Games name and is hoping to make some changes. After all, we have seen plenty of reports and statements for Telltale Games and its behind-the-scenes working conditions. From what we gathered, it seems as if Telltale Games was a bit too ambitious for a certain project and it likely caused some toxic workplace environments. This is something that we’re sure LCG Entertainment is hoping to avoid as they open up a new headquarters in California.

There is no word yet on what video game titles are being developed first but it does look like there may be some familiar faces from the former studio. As of right now, there seems to be a push to acquire some of the former employees of Telltale Games though this is at a freelance position. Furthermore, we’re not sure if the video game titles will resemble the same overall view and gameplay mechanics as Telltale Games offered previously, though chances are they will.

One thing is for sure, if you were hoping this means new installments to The Walking Dead series then you’re out of luck as the property is now owned by Skybound. Additionally, some of the other IPs that the company was dealing with such as Stranger Things have gone back to being acquired by the proper IP owners such as Netflix. For now, it’s simply a waiting game to see what this new Telltale Games studio does and just how it’s received upon release.

Source: GameSpot