A New Mega Man Game Was Unveiled For Smartphones

Mega Man 11 recently released and if you enjoyed the series and its latest installment, then chances are you’ve been waiting to see what Capcom brings out into the market next. After Mega Man 11 release last year, a new installment will be launching for smartphone devices called Mega Man X DiVE. For now, details are a bit scarce, but you can check out the reveal trailer above. Likewise, a quick translation of the video description below.

Mega Man X DiVE is being developed over at Capcom Taiwan and it’s set to be a new action RPG title that seems to play on some of past characters and situations from previous games within the X series. We’re not sure if every character or level will be accounted for, but what we can gather, it seems that Capcom is looking to mix up some of the characters and bosses. It’s your job to set the record straight, but we’re not entirely sure when that will be.

Description of Video Translated

“Deep Log

The digital world where ‘MEGAMEN X Series Game’ was stored.

Also the memory of ‘You’ as a player…

‘Deep Log’ appears abnormal for unknown reasons

All stages, Maverics ,all the characters from ‘MEGAMEN X Series’ are all mixed up because of game errors.

Come! Players

Get into the Deep Log

Beat the Maverics and get the game data repaired.”

The game is set to launch this year for iOS and Android but we’re uncertain if this game will see a launch in Western markets. We can’t see why the game wouldn’t be brought over by Capcom, but it remains to be seen. Likewise, we’re sure that more information about the game would be coming out that further clarifies what players can expect.

Source: YouTube, Comic Book