Sega Drops Publishing For Interior Night Debut Narrative Driven Game

If you enjoy narrative-driven video game titles then you may have been watching Interior Night, a new development studio that was crafted up by Caroline Marchal. If you’re not familiar with the name, this was a former developer who had worked with Quantic Dream, a studio that has delivered several mature narrative adventures such as Heavy Rain to their latest release Detroit: Become Human. Now that the developer has created its studio, Interior Night, it looks like we’re going to get the same style of video games that Caroline previously worked on. The problem here is that news recently broke that Sega is parting ways from the studio.

Sega was previously announced to be the publisher behind Interior Night’s first video game title. As mentioned, this is a mature narrative adventure for players to embark, though there are not many details available yet on what to expect. We know that Sega was behind the publishing for this debut title, but now that partnership has split. Speaking with Mcvuk, Sega Europe head of content Bobby Wertheim stated that not every project is going to go as well as he would have liked. Caroline Marchal commented on the announcement to the publication as well and according to Caroline, the split was not due to creative differences.

Caroline stated that the split was due to a strategic reason. The relationship is still great between the two and the studio is still working on the video game. This studio also seems to have a publisher already lined up to help the studio. Right now the publisher remains a mystery but we will know who is stepping up the challenge in the future. This should come to great news as gamers that are looking for the next narrative-driven video game title won’t have to write off Interior Night’s debut release.

Source: Gamasutra, Mcvuk