Final Fantasy 7 Remake Release Date Confirmed for March 3, 2020

Square Enix has confirmed the long-awaited release date for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake., which is March 3, 2020.

The announcement comes from the Final Fantasy 7 Concert in Los Angeles. Fans were told to expect more news about the highly anticipated game at tomorrow’s Square Enix E3 2019 press conference. We pretty much knew we would get a release date for the game tomorrow, but it is nice to get it a day earlier!

It is also noteworthy to mention that the game will remain as a PS4 exclusive, Perhaps in time that would change but for now it’s just for PlayStation. Last month we saw a little more footage from the remake, which looked absolutely stunning, make sure to check it out here if you happened to miss it!

Are you excited about Final Fantasy 7? Happy we finally got a release date? Let us know in the comments below!