Google Stadia Pro Tier Will Cost You $9.99 Per Month

We knew that Google was entering the video game industry in a big way and the announcement of their upcoming Stadia project was finally fully revealed today. This is a new service Google is hoping gamers around the world will enjoy and possibly flocked towards instead of the competition. The biggest aspect of Google Stadia compared to the opposing platforms is that there are no downloads or physical discs to worry about. Instead, everything is accessible right online through streaming and today we got a look just what this will set players back.

As mentioned, Google Stadia is an online subscription service where gamers can stream a plethora of video games anywhere they please. You could enjoy games from your Smart TV, smartphone, tablet, computer, practically anything you’re able to connect online really. This ultimately means you don’t need to purchase any actual hardware. Even the Google Stadia controller that Google is selling along with the service is optional as most HID compliant controllers will be able to work perfectly fine.

If you were hoping that Google Stadia’s subscription fee would include the price of accessing the video games then you’re out of luck. Gamers will still have to purchase the video game titles while the monthly fee will grant you access to 4K resolution, HDR color, 5.1 surround sound, and 60 FPS. This subscription service will first have the $9.99 Pro tier available. In 2020 Google will release a Base tier that will be completely free but will bump down the resolution to 1080p.

There is also a Founders Edition announced that comes in at $129. With this you’ll get access to three months of Stadia Pro, the ability to gift someone three months of Stadia Pro, a Chromecast Ultra, a special midnight blue Stadia controller, first dibs on picking a username, and access to Destiny 2. Gamers that are interested in the Founders Edition can pre-order the unit here.

Source: Google