Nintendo Online NES Games Revealed For June 2019

Much like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Nintendo offers a subscription service with the benefit to enjoy some video game titles completely for free. While you’re not going to get the same quality of video game titles that the competitors offer, if you’re a fan of retro classics then Nintendo Switch Online may have piqued your interest. The subscription service for one comes in quite a bit cheaper with it being just $20 a year. With that, you’ll get access to online multiplayer access to your video game titles along with the additional NES classic title lineup.

The Nintendo Switch Online service has a specialized NES application in which gamers will have a catalog of NES video game titles that you can enjoy. You’ll have plenty of classics to enjoy but each month new titles are tossed into the mix. For instance, we know that this month we’re going to get Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Volleyball, and lastly, City Connection. These video game title will soon be available right inside the application from your Nintendo Switch console, but even with these new additions, there has been plenty of gamers who have criticized the service.

The NES has a ton of great video game titles, some franchises that we enjoy today got its start right on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but the video game titles today may not have the most particular interest with gamers today. Instead, there are some gamers who may only enjoy the title for a few minutes before shelving it to enjoy more current game releases. There certainly wouldn’t be any push back from Nintendo Switch owners if Nintendo decides to open up the service to their other platforms catalogs like the SNES and N64. With that said, what do you think of the latest video game additions being added into the mix this month?

Source: Nintendo