Sega Vows To Be A Game Changer With New Trailer

Sega has been around the block and the company definitely knows a thing or two. It holds a special place in the hearts of gamers around the world. I know it sure holds a special place in my heart as I practically grew up with the Sega Genesis. However, while the company has hit a few roadblocks during its time and they have exited the console market, the company has been thriving lately with new IPs and installment hits for beloved franchises. Now a new trailer was released from the company that hypes up their fans. In this trailer, it’s clear that Sega is looking over the history within the industry and more importantly what’s to come.

The trailer as mentions goes over the long history of their products and services. We get a look at home consoles, arcade units, toys, televised series, and of course a plethora of video game titles. However, it looks like the main focus of this trailer is not looking back but looking at what helped Sega craft all these services. It’s hard work and dedication in providing consumers around the world with a fun experience. It’s something that the company prides itself on and their mission going forward as we progress forward to E3 and more importantly the next generation of platforms.

We’re certainly interested in seeing just what the company brings out next as they definitely have the experience and backlog of franchises to work with. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if any new announcements from the Sega team happen to make its way during E3 2019.

Source: Twinfinite