GameStop Employee Leaks New Listing Numbers Prior To E3 2019

When it comes to E3, there are plenty of rumors and speculation pieces going up online as to what gamers can expect. While these rumors are mainly taken as a grain of salt, a new leak comes from a GameStop employee who printed out some interesting placeholders of video game titles coming down the pipeline for various platforms. These SKUs are purely placeholders but they are holding on spots in the inventory for the video games supposedly set to be announced. So while we don’t have any particular lists of video game titles to hand out, this listing does potentially give insight as to how many video game titles will be revealed.

For instance, we know that the Nintendo Switch at GameStop has over twenty titles in place. The dates are placeholders as well so we don’t know just when video game titles will be launching, but an interesting aspect is the price points. There is a majority of $59.99 traditional new game price tags attached, but there are some additional higher price marks which could potentially be premium collector editions for a video game title.

While the image showcased is a bit tough to see, the leaker that goes by the Twitter handle New_WabiSabi, states that the PlayStation 4 also has a total of twenty video games while Microsoft Xbox One comes in with the fewest placeholders. Again, this is purely rumored as Sony is not holding a press conference during this year’s E3 2019 event and Microsoft has been promising a big event. With E3 2019 around the corner, we won’t have to wait long to see just how many new video game titles are announced.

Source: Twitter, Nintendo Life