PlayStation Underground Showcases 13-Minutes of Blood and Truth PSVR Gameplay

blood and truth

PlayStation Underground has released a new gameplay session with one of the biggest PSVR titles to release in 2019 — Blood and Truth.

From the developers of one of the earliest PSVR demos — London Heist, comes their brand new game Blood and Truth. And if you played that iconic demo before, then you should already know what to expect from a full game from that studio – -complete and utter madness with one of the greatest VR gameplay to date!

The new PS Underground video showcases about 13-minutes of footage which gives players a good look at how the game will run. They were running their game on a PS4 Pro and it was looking mighty fine!

Check out the Blood and Truth PSVR gameplay from PS Underground down below:

Last week, PlayStation Underground held another special session with an upcoming game that a lot of fans are itching to get their hands on — Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. The new footage showcases 20 minutes of gameplay, story adventure mode, and much more; check out the full video here!

Blood and Truth is set to release for the PSVR on May 28! Are you excited for the upcoming VR title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube