EA Offers The Sims 4 For Free Through Origin

EA may not be the most highly looked upon company within the video game industry. However, the company did offer a nice little bonus with their Origin video game launcher on the PC platform. It was known as On The House, which would offer a free video game title from time-to-time for players to enjoy, similar to how Epic Games handles the free titles offered from the Epic Games Store. That was until they decided to close the program down so now Origin may be a piece of software most don’t bother downloading. Well, that may change as EA recently announced that their video game title, The Sims 4 is free for a limited time on Origin.

This game will be offered for players to download until May 28, 2019, where the game will once again go back to being a title available strictly for purchase. In the meantime, gamers can download and enjoy the game forever, but you’ll have to log on and redeem a copy. While The Sims has been a popular franchise over the years, it’s a bit of an oddity to see it randomly show up for free. Could this be a means to bring players back on the Origin launcher or could we actually see a new installment come out for The Sims in the near future? Either way, this will likely get players on Origin once again and talking about the game.


Source: Polygon