New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order Gameplay Showcases Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen

ultimate alliance

Video game website Game Informer has received two new exclusive clips of gameplay from one of Nintendo’s most anticipated titles, Marvels’ Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order.

Announced back at the Game Awards 2018, Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order is setting out to be one of the bigger titles of the year. The game has gone quiet since the reveal, but thanks to Game Informer’s exclusive coverage, we have got new gameplay footage from the game.

The new footage showcases some of our favorite webheads- Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. Both videos are relatively short, but they show off some impressive, fun-looking gameplay.

Check out the Miles Morales gameplay down below:

Check out Spider-Gwen gameplay down below:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Black Order is set to release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 19. Are you excited for the return of the Ultimate Alliance franchise? Let us know in the comments down below!

Source: Game Informer