Batman Arkham Origins Leaked Alternate Skins

Redditorshave made a single image collecting all the Batman Arkham Origins skins that have been revealed and leaked thus far. Many of these are representations of what Batman and Robin has looked like in different comics in the main continuities, as well as the Elseworlds continuities.

Let’s do a short rundown of each one. Note that they appear on the image top to bottom, from left to right:


  • Batman: Arkham Origins – his default appearance in the game.
  • The Dark Knight Returns – based on the '80s Frank Miller comic.
  • The Animated Series – popular Warner Brothers 90s cartoon.
  • Arkham City – as he looked in the prior game.
  • Batman Inc.  – comic book storyline.
  • Earth One – parallel Earth version.
  • Neal Adams – as depicted by the popular 70s artist.
  • Year One – comic book storyline.
  • Sinestro Corps – This alludes to a moment in the recent continuity when Sinestro tried to recruit Batman as a Yellow Lantern.
  • D.C. One Million – comic book storyline showing a future version of Batman.
  • Worst Nightmare – this gives you the appearance of what criminals think Batman looks like.
  • Long Halloween – comic book storyline.
  • ThrillKiller – comic book storyline.
  • Earth Two – another parallel Earth version.
  • Dark Knights of The Roundtable – Elseworlds alternate universe where Batman is a knight under King Arthur.
  • First Appearance – based on the 1st comic book appearance, with the distinctive big ears.
  • Adam West – based on the popular 60s TV show.
  • Azrael – Jean-Paul Valley, who took over the Batman role from Bruce Wayne in the 80s storyline Knightfall.

Death Stroke the Terminator is not just another alternate skin. He gets his own storyline and missions.

The different Robin costumes all represent Tim Drake unless otherwise specified:

  • Classic  – the classic costume with green sleeves we all know.
  • Arkham Origins –his default appearance in the game.
  • 2000's – the black and red costume based on his look a decade ago.
  • Red Robin – originally used in Kingdom Come, this costume has been used by several Robins. The current wielder is Tim Drake.
  • Arkham Origins Alternate Costume – only has slight changes
  • The Animated Series – popular Warner Brothers 90s cartoon. This one is actually Dick Grayson
  • Arkham City – as he appeared in the first videogame.

I can’t help but feel the different movie versions are sorely missed, but you may not share this feeling. Where there any costumes you wanted to see?

Source: Reddit