Hideo Kojima Admits Death Stranding is a Little Behind Schedule

death stranding

Death Stranding is one of the gaming community’s most anticipated titles and part of that is due to Hideo Kojima. The fame video game director recently went on the J-Wave gaming site and talked a little about the game.

However, the news wasn’t exactly what fans were hoping for as Kojima stated that Kojima Productions is a little behind schedule when it comes to the game’s official release. We never actually received a release date for the game, but Kojima did note that he did have a time frame for it’s released, around 2020.

Kojima goes on to talk to J-Wave about how productions sometimes change due to new ideas and what not, and this exact scenario happened with Death Stranding. However, I would like to note that the delay doesn’t look massive as Kojima states they’re “not behind by much.”

During an interview with J-Wave, this is what Kojima had to say about the slight delay:

 “It’s common for studios to fall behind their planned release date, and Death Stranding is very slightly behind our initial plan, but not behind by much.” 

In recent Death Stranding news, famous voice actor Troy Baker noted that he finished his filming parts of the game.  He talked about the game and how excited he is to get it once it is released, describing the game as “fantastical,” “trippy” and “weird.” Check out the full article of Troy Baker talking about the highly anticipated game right here!

Death Stranding is still without a release date, however, perhaps we will get an updated status on the game come E3 2019. When would you like to see Death Stranding release? Let u know in the comments below!

Source: J-Wave via IGN