PlayStation Released Four New Trailers Showcasing the New Moments Gameplay Mode

 — Game Designer & Online Community Manager at San Diego Studio took to the PlayStation Blog to release a bombshell of news for their upcoming Baseball simulator — MLB The Show 19.

Russell formerly announced a brand new game mode, which will be titled Moments. In this new mode, players will be able to step into the player’s shoes to recreate, rewrite, or change history from iconic moments in Baseball history.

There will be four ways that the Moments’ gameplay mode will be integrated: 1. Storylines, 2. Fantasy, 3. Diamond Dynasty, and 4. Live Content. Each version of the mode will come with their own unique spin on the game. Check out a small snippet of what each version of the mode will offer down below:


In Storyline Moments, journey through the past and present with a mix of player-lock and team gameplay.


In Fantasy moments, you can answer Baseball’s biggest questions.

  • What if Ken Griffey Jr. faced off against Chris Sale?
  • What if Zach Britton pitched in the 2016 Wild Card Game?
  • What if Willie Mays, Ted Williams, and Christian Yelich played in the same outfield?

Diamond Dynasty Integration

Moments will be fully integrated as you progress throughout DD in MLB The Show 19. You’ll take a squad of your favorite players into Moments and compete against legends and modern day superstars.

Live Content and Moments

We’ll be launching MLB The Show 19 with lots of Moments for you to play but our Live Content team will be constantly updating the mode.

As I mentioned above, Sony has released four new snippets of MLB The Show 19 Moments mode in action. They are super short, but we do get to see some iconic Baseball moments in action. Check out all four new trailers down below:





MLB The Show 19 arrives exclusively on PlayStation 4 consoles on March 26. Are you excited for the upcoming Baseball title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog