Konami Remains Silent Over Silent Hill 20TH Anniversary

Yesterday marked the twentieth year anniversary to one of the biggest staple franchises for survival horror, Silent Hill. Fans online who have tweeted out their love and appreciation over the first release of Silent Hill and the various video game titles that released shortly after may have hoped that there would secretly be an announcement for the much beloved franchise. Konami’s former Team Silent unit managed to craft a terrifying journey for players to embark and now that the game is twenty years old, those few fans who were hoping that the game would receive a remake announcement were letdown.

Konami has had a rocky relationship with its fan base over the past few years especially after the split between the company and famed developer, Hideo Kojima. Prior to the split fans were unveiled the next main installment to the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hills, only for the game to be killed off when Hideo Kojima stepped away to form his own studio. Now the franchise has laid dormant with no word on if Konami would attempt to bring it back. Despite Konami showing no interest in bringing the franchise back, there were some hopeful gamers out there that Konami would have at least some type of an announcement on January 31, 2019, the twenty year anniversary for the very first Silent Hill title.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  Instead, Konami’s main Twitter account simply retweeted a few select tweets that made note of Silent Hill hitting its twentieth anniversary. We’re not sure what Konami has planned for their line of franchises. Do you think Konami should attempt to bring back Silent Hill or has the last few installments outside of Team Silent proven that the series can’t deliver a sound product for gamers to enjoy?


[Source: Konami]