7 Mods That Turned Into Standalone Video Games

Mods can oftentimes be plentiful online after a new big PC video game release. Some developers even go as far as supplying the player with the proper tools to create modifications for their own video games. These mods often help increase the longevity of a video game title after it releases into the market, but few become so popular that it sparks interest for the mod to be turned into its own standalone game.

#7 Counter-Strike

The Counter-Strike series has been around since 2000 from Valve. While the series has its share of highs and lows it all started with the original Counter-Strike mod. There are several game modes to face off against in Counter-Strike with various goals as such placing and defusing bombs. As mentioned, the game came out in 2000 but it first got started with a mod for Hal-Life in 1999 thanks to Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. The two started work on their project while in college and upon its release the game mod quickly skyrocketed in popularity. Ultimately, due to the popularity of players downloading the mod, Valve took notice and purchased the IP rights and hired both Minh Le and Jess Cliffe.

#6 Garry’s Mod

Half-Life spawned a few popular games either through modifications or inspiration. One of the wackier video games to be introduced to the world thanks to Half-Life 2 is Garry’s Mod. This was a video game created by Garry Newman which acts as a home for player creativity. At its core, Garry’s Mod is a sandbox-style title where there are no objectives but tools and assets available for players to create their own unique worlds or scenarios.

Likewise, these tools allowed players to craft up a series of different video game modes such as hide-and-seek, obstacle courses to even online role-playing servers. As a result, Garry’s Mod took off and managed to become a standalone video game release in 2006 for the PC platform.

#5 Killing Floor Series

Killing Floor was a mod that was crafted up by Tripwire Interactive thanks to the release of Unreal Tournament 2004. The video game plays rather straight forward, players go through a series of rounds fighting off waves of hostile creatures along with enduring boss fights. Essentially, the game plays similar to the zombie’s mode from the Call of Duty franchise. However, the popularity of the mod allowed Tripwire Interactive to make a full standalone release in 2009 followed by a sequel in 2016. Likewise, the popularity of the series has even sparked a VR title known as Killing Floor: Incursion.