The Nintendo Wii U Price Just Skyrocketed

When Nintendo first attempted to get into this current generation of video game consoles, it was a massive failure. The Nintendo Wii U was a big letdown and it failed to move units. There’s a number of reasons that played into this downfall, but for the most part, Nintendo didn’t wait to see how the market would handle the console in the coming years as it quickly went to work on the next big console release. Luckily for them, the successor known as the Nintendo Switch was a massive hit and it sold incredibly well. Gamers could enjoy the latest Nintendo titles with triple AAA video game support both at home or on the go.

So with all that said, Nintendo Wii U units were quickly being slashed in priced and moved off of store shelves. Years from now the console may be considered a gem or rarity, similar to the Nintendo Virtual Boy. As a result, some collectors may be after the system complete in the box today, but that’s already going to cost you quite a bit of money. Instead of buying a new unit for around $300 when the console first released, gamers who may purchase a new Wii U console today will have to hand over about $700 to $900.

According to a report by Nintendo Soup, resellers online have started to flip Nintendo Wii U consoles for a high price. Through online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, purchasing a Nintendo Wii U may already be out of the question for some gamers. This may be a good alert for those who already own a Nintendo Wii U to hold onto the console as these units may be pricey for quite some time.

[Source: Nintendo Soup]