Cliff Bleszinksi Announces His Next Gig

There are a few individuals that are easily recognizable from the video game industry. From their masterpieces delivered over the years, it’s hard not to know some of these names and one of them is Cliff Bleszinski. You probably know him best from his days at Epic Games where he brought out such hits as Gears of War. However, since his time at Epic Games came to an end, we’ve seen the developer thought of leaving the video game industry but instead, the famed developer went on to start up his own video game development studio.

Boss Key Productions only had one real video game release which was LawBreakers and it was a flop, failing to deliver the goals and numbers Cliff Bleszinski had intended. This left the studio to close down and his venture away from the video game industry. Since then we have been waiting to see just what would be next for the developer and today we finally know what that next venture is. Instead of going back into the gaming industry, Cliff is jumping into Broadway.

After an announcement made on his official Twitter account, Cliff revealed that he would be co-producing a Broadway show called Hadestown which currently has tickets up for sale. We’re of course wondering just how successful this show will end up being and what this would mean for Cliff afterward. At any rate, it looks like Cliff Bleszinski is having a great time with the new gig and perhaps this may be the final nail in the coffin for his work in the gaming industry. We will, of course, keep an eye out for any new developments from the former Epic Games developer.

[Source: Cliff Bleszinski]