Metro: Exodus Has Officially Gone Gold, New Release Date Announced; New Daunting Title Sequence Revealed


Deep Silver announced this morning that their upcoming post-apolotypic title, Metro: Exodus has officially gone gold. In addition, the highly anticpated title has also received a new release date.

Going gold means that the game has finished development, besides a couple of bug fixes via patch notes, the game is completely finished. Meaning no more delays or hiccups, the third entry in the franchise is now officially set to release February 15, 2019.

The happy announcement also came with a sneak peek at the daunting title sequence score for the game. This will be an original score from Alexey Omelchuk.

Check out the official tweet down below:

For avid fans of the franchise, a $149.99 limited collector’s edition was revealed earlier. Only 4000 units of Metro Exodus’ Spartan Collector’s Edition will be produced, however, keep in mind it doesn’t even include a copy of the game. On the other hand, it includes a pretty slick and neat-looking 10.5 inches tall Artyom statue for you to put on your desk, alongside patches, postcards and dog-tags.

Metro: Exodus is now set to release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 15, 2019. Are you excited for the latest entry in the Meto franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter