Minecraft: Story Mode Now A Netflix Interactive Game

Telltale Games offers players a simplistic video game that focuses on the narrative journey. While there are QTE’s and exploration elements attached, the major gameplay element within each episode is choice based which directs the branching narrative. Unfortunately, Telltale Games has shut its doors but there is one new title that you may be interested in playing and this time it’s through Netflix.

Minecraft: Story Mode came out back in 2015 and offers players a new narrative adventure within the Minecraft universe. Now a few years later we’re back enjoying the narrative on Netflix as the story mode has been transformed into a cinematic experience with narrative choices that will play a role in the overall story. This will be a five-episode adventure though only the first three episodes are available currently on the Netflix application service. Viewers would receive the last two episodes on December 5, 2018.

With Netflix being available on a wide assortment of devices, the way viewers would be able to make choices may differ such as television remotes, video game console controllers to even a mouse. At any rate, this would be interesting to see just how well the series does and if we will see other Netflix projects spark out into the service with a similar concept.

For now, players can enjoy the first three episodes right now if you search for Minecraft: Story Mode within Netflix. Otherwise, you can enjoy the full first season now through the official video game on mobile devices, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and last generation consoles.


[Source: Game Informer]