Sony Discounts Select 2018 PlayStation 4 Exclusives

We’re nearing the end of this year which means most of us are looking towards the upcoming 2019 video game releases along with the few highly anticipated video games releasing this fall season. However, it’s easy to forget about the other beloved and highly sought after exclusives that released earlier this year. If you decided to pass on a few exclusives for the PlayStation 4 this year then Sony just gave you a good reason to look back and pick up a couple. Sony has decided to discount a few of their select exclusives that were at once the highly anticipated video game for the platform.

There are currently four titles that are on sale which you can get for a discounted price which ranges from $40 to as low as $20. We’re unsure if Sony will opt to discount any other future video game titles before the end of the year, but this could make for some great titles to spend time playing as we approach the holiday season.

Detroit: Become Human – $40

PlayStation Store

Set in Detroit, Michigan, and developed by Quantic Dream, gamers who enjoy choice-driven narratives will want to keep tabs on Detroit: Become Human. This is a futuristic neo-noir thriller that’s based off an old 2012 tech demo from Quantic Dream that became viral online.

Players will take control of three different characters, all of which are androids. You will have Kara, a female android that has escaped the factory from where she was made. There’s also Connor, who is a male android that is tasked with hunting down deviant androids. Lastly, there is Markus, another male android who has begun an android revolution against the human race.

God of War – $40

PlayStation Store

If you’re familiar with the past installments, this time around Kratos has ended his time with Greek mythology and has moved onto Norse mythology. Likewise, Kratos will not be alone anymore as he will be looking over his son named Atreus, preparing him for the real world after the recent passing of his mother.

Shadow of the Colossus – $20

PlayStation Store

Shadow of the Colossus is an iconic title, one of which that originally released back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. Overall, players take on the role of a young man named Wander who has entered into a forbidden land. Your overall goal in the video game is rather straightforward, players must track down and fight these massive creatures known as Colossi in order to restore the life of a girl named Mono.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – $20

PlayStation Store

The Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is not necessarily a standalone video game, but a single-player DLC for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. This story DLC will take place after the events of the fourth main Uncharted installment. Players will be taking on the role of Chloe Frazer as she travels to India’s Western Ghats mountain range amid a civil war in search for a mystical treasure.

[Source: GameSpot]