BF4 Will Run Better On Windows 8 Than Windows 7

battlefield 4

Windows 8 hasn't gotten the best reception from the gaming audience since its release, with most gamers preferring to stick to Windows 7 for its stability. Opinions of the operating system may be about to change as DICE has announced that its upcoming title, Battlefield 4, will offer better CPU optimization in Windows 8 thanks to DirectX 11.1.

Unlike Windows 8, Windows 7 only uses certain elements of DirectX 11.1. DICE’s Technical Director, Johan Andersson, has said that the Frostbite engine will fully support the latest version of DirectX and that systems using this software will see better performance, more specifically, better CPU optimization:

“We use DX11.1, there are some optimizations in it (constant buffer offsets, dynamic buffers as SRVs) that we got in to the API that improves CPU performance in our rendering when one runs with DX11.1. This will be in BF4.” Johan Andersson stated on a thread in NeoGAF.

What this means is that Xbox One and the game running on Windows 8 will have better performance optimizations in it than its counterpart on the PlayStation 4. If you're still running Windows 7 and you're looking for a reason to upgrade, this might just provide you with the incentive to do so.