Hitman 2 Announces New 1v1 Ghost Mode; Gameplay Trailer and Details Released

Travis Barbour, Senior Community Manager at IO Interactive took to the PlayStation Blog to announce the newest mode in Hitman season 2, Ghost Mode.

For the first time ever, Hitman will have an online mode where two hitmen will duke out to see which of their assassination skills come out on top. This is a pretty cool feature for season 2, now players will be able to really test out their skills in a competitive space. But how does the new mode play? Well, let’s find out in the new gameplay trailer down below:

What is Ghost Mode?

Your mission in Ghost Mode is to kill targets faster and cleaner than your opponent. You’ll race to eliminate the same target to earn a point and then you’ll both move on to the next target. The first to earn five points will win. So far, so good.

The twist with Ghost Mode is that you and your opponent will hunt targets in separate realities. You both play in the same location, for example Miami, and have the same target to hunt, but the status of your reality is only affected by your actions. To add to the fun (and tension!), you can see a Ghost version of your opponent in your reality, so you can see how close they are to the target, what disguise they have on and any items they’re holding.

In recent Hitman news, IO Interactive’s Sven stated that IO Interactive noticed that there were fans of the Hitman series that didn’t care for the game being split up and released over the course of a few months. Now with Hitman 2, the game will drop the episodic format all-together, providing a more flowable feel to the game.

Hitman season 2 is slowly creeping up on its release date which is scheduled for November 13 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Will you be picking up Hitman season 2 day one? Let us know down in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog