Twin Peaks VR Video Game Experience Unveiled

Twin Peaks was a drama series that originally aired back in the early 1990s, more specifically 1990 through 1991. With only two seasons released based around a murder that turned into a supernatural and psychological horror story, the series gained quite the popularity over the years. While the narrative ended with a cult following and a cliffhanger, a new fan base took to the series by storm online resulting in creators David Lynch and Mark Frost to return and deliver fans a third season which ran in 2017 known as Twin Peaks: The Revival.

The series overall still has a massive following and while it’s uncertain as to if the story will continue on with a new season, David Lynch I bringing Twin Peaks back in a new unique format, VR. The video game is being developed by Collider Games who is teaming up with David Lynch to deliver fans a VR experience which players will first get the opportunity to play this October 13th at the Festival of Disruption on Los Angeles, an event being thrown by David Lynch.

From what we know, the game will center around the Red Room where players must follow the footsteps of Special Agent Dale Cooper and attempt to escape. The game will release on the Steam platform for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but there’s no word on if we’ll see the game launch on the PlayStation 4 VR platform. At any rate, for fans of the Twin Peaks franchise, this will certainly be a game you won’t want to miss out.

[Source: Collider]