Beyond: Two Souls Video Showcases Simplified Gameplay

Developer Quantic Dream isn’t trying to impress its audience through deep, skill-based combat. If you just so happened to play Indigo Prophesy or Heavy Rain, you’d remember that what made these games stand apart, and succeed, was the developer’s ability to disconnect the player from the real world and make each individual action feel natural. Now, more than ever, the French studio is attempting to simplify its core gameplay experience with Beyond: Two Souls, and this latest gameplay video shows just a few ways that a new level of immersion will be achieved.

The interactive experiences that Quantic Dream produces are barely considered games by some, but really, the team does its best to blend founder David Cage’s writing with a smooth gameplay experience.

“We wanted to revisit the action system and go for something that would be more invisible and more intuitive to the player,” Cage said in the developer diary. “We didn’t want the interface to be a barrier. We wanted the player to focus on what he’s doing on the screen, and not how he’s doing it.”

The context of protagonist Jodie Holmes situation, as well as her emotional state, will have an impact on her every movement. The story beats will change how the game is being played, and if there’s one thing we’ve heard over and over again, it’s how important the cinematic elements of Beyond will be. We’ve seen it at film festivals and convention centers, but thankfully, we will only have to wait until Oct. 8 before the official release.