Supposed PlayStation Plus Leaks Reveals October 2018 Video Games

Sony has been running their PlayStation Plus service for a number of years now and much like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus will receive a few games to enjoy each month free of charge. The game is also available after the month ends just as long as you keep up with your online PlayStation Plus subscription. While we’re still a bit away before Sony makes the official announcement of what video game titles will be included in the month of October, a leak on Reddit may have showcased two particular titles.

This report is purely a rumor at the moment as the leak could very well be false. However, if the leak does prove to be true, gamers on the PlayStation 4 will receive Nioh and Diablo 3: Eternal Collection. Again, this could very well be a false rumor so it’s best to not get your hopes up when Sony makes the official announcement towards the end of this month. Regardless, these two may be some great heavy hitters for players to enjoy throughout the month.

As it stands right now, Sony has released their PlayStation Plus games for this month which featured games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. For those wondering, the games included in the month were Another World, QUBE Director’s Cut, Sparkle 2, Foul Play, Destiny 2, and lastly God of War III Remastered.

Would you enjoy Nioh and Diablo 3: Eternal Collection if it’s included next month? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: Reddit]