Buy Weed On Steam For 10 Dollars

If you’re looking for a way to visually denote to a friend something to do with the consumption of cannabis, the popular game trading service Steam has a unique solution. A visual one, using images rather than text. Which you can look at. With your eyes, man.

By taking advantage of Steam’s Trading card system, collecting a full set of cards for Port Royale 3 and converting them into a badge, anyone can have a chance of obtaining an emoticon to use in chat which displays a marijuana leaf. You’re free to do what you will with that emote. You can distribute it or retain it for personal use. It’s fully acceptable for you to buy it if you aren’t willing to try and harvest it yourself.

Right now the lowest price that you can outright buy the :weed: emote for is £6.11/$9.33. It is significantly cheaper to try and buy the set of cards hand hope that it drops from combining them together.

Real life cannabis use is only legal in certain areas of the world. Interestingly it is entirely legal in Valve Corporation’s home state of  Washington, but not in developer Gaming Minds’ home in Germany.

The jury’s still out on whether or not Steam Trading Cards are a scam, but this is just too perfect not to enjoy. This is the stupidest thing ever and I love it. And I’m going to try and unlock this thing myself now.

We’ve contacted the game’s publisher Kalypso, Gaming Minds Studios and, because why not, Gabe Newell too.