Fallout 4 Development up to Bethesda, but Obsidian ‘Would Love’ Another Chance

At this point, it would be ridiculous if Fallout 4 didn’t happen. The third game was a massive success on current-generation consoles and PC, and judging by the sales of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, people are still very interested in interacting with the massive worlds that Bethesda creates. However, there’s more than one developer that can work on the post-apocalyptic franchise. Obsidian Entertainment, the studio currently hard at work on Project Eternity, found great success a few years back with Fallout: New Vegas. The follow-up to Fallout 3 managed to maintain both the quality and content density the series is known for, and while all the big decisions are being made by the owner of the IP, Obsidian would still love to craft more stories in that particular universe.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Gameranx, Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment addressed the millions of fans awaiting any news on Fallout 4. Similar to the Knights of the Old Republic 3 situation, Avellone’s team would love to once again work with the Fallout brand, but it’s really not up to him to get the ball rolling.

“All of the Fallout stuff is totally up to Bethesda. While we would love to do another Fallout game again, that is totally up to them,” Avellone said.

If Obsidian was to jump pack into the fray, it’d likely not be for Fallout 4. The core games seem to be saved for Bethesda, but down the road, we might just see an expansion or offshoot carrying the Obsidian name.