Prepare For Scarlet Moon Records Upcoming Album Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV

If you’re like me then video game soundtracks practically take up your entire playlists. Music is such a crucial piece of building together the narrative journey and gameplay element. Outside of video game soundtracks there are countless albums inspired by classic video game franchises along with new renditions of fan-favorite game hits.

Speaking of new renditions, an upcoming album will soon release under Scarlet Moon Records. Thanks to a press release, we are learning of Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV. Within this upcoming album, guitarist William Carlos Reyes from The OneUps performs the incredible melody hits featured from Final Fantasy IV.

This also ties in nicely with the game’s 27th anniversary though according to the press release, this is just the first album of what is planned to be a series that features other Final Fantasy titles. With that said, Scarlet Moon Records has been around since 2013 where they have released countless other albums that range from original game soundtracks to new arrangements of various classic game hits such as the one we’re discussing today.

Currently, the album is not set to release until later this month on July 19, 2018. However, you can still pre-order the album directly on Bandcamp.

For now, take a listen to an exclusive track that we were able to secure up above. Likewise, below you can find the complete track listing for the album.

Guitar Collections Final Fantasy IV Track Listing:
  1. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
  2. Theme of Love
  3.  Welcome to Our Town!
  4. Fight 2
  5. Rydia
  6. Melody of Lute
  7. Golbeza Clad in the Dark
  8. Trojan Beauty
  9. Illusionary World
  10. Another Moon
  11. Within the Giant
  12. The Crystals (Original)