Fortnite Update 4.5 Lands; Introduces Drum Guns And Other Items

Epic Games have just released a new update for their third-person shooter Fortnite. Update 4.5 is set to introduce a couple of the usual changes to the game, as well as a bunch of new items.

So lets get to the meat of this: First up, in Battle Royale, players will be able to make use of a unique new weapon, the drum gun. The weapon is going to be a cross between the SMG and Rifle – promising the power of a rifle with the fire rate of a submachine gun. The variants are Uncommon and Rare so it shouldn’t be too hard to come by. The Drum Gun uses Medium Ammo, deals 26/27 base damage and holds 50 rounds in the magazine

In Save The World, players are getting a quite a few content additions. With the addition of the Stink Bomb, there’s the new Freedom’s Herald Pistol. This weapon can launch firecrackers that knock back enemies while also exploding and causing damage. There’s also a new rifle boasting great stability with its slow bursts. Players can also expect two new heroes: Stars and Stripes Constructor and Star and Stripes Outlander.

Check out the full list of changes, down below:



  • Drum Gun added
  • The Drum Gun is a hybrid weapon that combines the stopping power of a rifle with the suppressive ability and fire rate of an SMG.
  • Available in Uncommon and Rare variants.
  • 26/27 base damage.
  • 50 round capacity.
  • Uses Medium Ammo.
  • Can be found from floor loot, chests, and Vending Machines.



Stars and Stripes Constructor has been added to the Event Store.

  • Stars and Stripes Penny – Legendary Electro-Pulse.
  • Available July 4, at 8pm ET.

Stars and Stripes Outlander has been added to the Event Store.

  • Stars and Stripes A.C. – Legendary Trailblaster.
  • Available on July 4, at 8pm ET.


Stink Bomb added

Hurls a grenade that unleashes a cloud that damages enemies over time. Doesn’t persist outside of missions.

Freedom’s Herald Pistol added to the Weekly Store.

  • Launches firecrackers that bounce off walls, and will knockback and damage enemies in a small radius when they explode.
  • Available on July 4, at 8pm ET.

The Lynx Assault Rifle has been added to the Weekly Store.

  • A slow firing burst assault rifle with above average headshot damage and excellent stability.
  • Available on July 4, at 8pm ET.