Microsoft Cancels E3 Post-Press Conference Roundtable with Media

Microsoft’s work with the press over the past few weeks has been less than stellar. Instead of delivering a single, cohesive message on the features that the Xbox One will supply players with when it launches this fall, we heard a litany of answers that seemed to paint dozens of different pictures for the future of gaming. For all we know, used games might only work if that always-on Kinect camera watches you do the Macarena right before inserting the disc. It’s obvious that Microsoft needs to work on its press presence, but it looks as if the company is cutting one of those opportunities right out of E3.

After the E3 press conferences take place, most console manufacturers carve out some time for the media. This portion of the show is known as a roundtable, where the press have an opportunity to get any and all questions that weren’t addressed during the event answered. However, it sounds like instead of dealing with all the tough questions head on, Microsoft will be skipping out on this type of conversation completely.

“Microsoft has cancelled its E3 post-press conference roundtable with the media,” said Sun Media reporter Steve Tilley. “Not sure what to make of that.”

If it’s true, we’re not too sure what to make of it, either. It’s possible that the Xbox maker just wants to avoid any more confusion, but you’d think that the best way to do that would be to come out with hard facts about the Xbox One. Hopefully, the press conference itself will be enough for everyone heading out to LA next week.