Amped Wireless Makes Wi-Fi Signals Easier To Catch

I for one hate being out of the range from a Wi-Fi signal. Thankfully, Amped Wireless has released a few new products that solves the out of range problem. This company made a busness on out of range extension products, and now there's a couple of new products that extends wireless range to your Mac or Windows PC, that's if you have a spare USB port. The UA150C and the UA600  High Power Wi-Fi USB Adapters promise users the ability to connect to 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networks from up to three times greater distance than other wireless adapters through the use of power amplifiers and high gain antennas.

The High Power Wi-Fi USB Adapters use advanced Wi-Fi amplifiers to boost wireless reception and performance. Most Wi-Fi adapters feature a wireless output power of around 50mW, while Amped Wireless Wi-Fi adapters feature 100mW output power for the UA150C and 600mW of output power for the UA600. The boosted performance is then optimally tuned and paired with Wi-Fi antennas for maximum range output.

The UA150C will have a set price of $49.99 and the UA600 Will run you $69.99. Both products will be available in select retailers, online retailers or direct from the Amped Wireless Online Store.