Homo Machina Turns Human Body Into Medical Theatre

Inspired by the artistic genius of Fritz KahnHomo Machina takes players on a journey of biological intrigue and delight. And as a quick glimpse will reveal, it’s a mobile game. A very unusual, tour of the HM_07.gifhuman body type of mobile game that turns the respiratory system and other parts of our anatomy and physiology into machinesThe idea to digitalise Kahn’s works comes from French team Darjeeling, and I secretly feel Osamu Tezuka would have adored this game.

Homo Machina takes Kahn’s innovative schematics and illustrations to the next level, translating them into a light-hearted but charismatic series of stages. Through simple mechanics, accessible visuals and tactile feedback, Darjeeling is offering players a chance to familiarise themselves with the inner workings of the body. There are poetic interludes, too.

For its imaginative exploits, Homo Machina has been nominated for several awards, and reently emerged victorious as Best Mobile/Tablet Game at San Fransisco’s Games Connection Development Awards 2018.

Homo Machina is available from May 17 for both iOS and Android devices. The price of admission for its screening comes in at $4.49 uSD/€3.49/£3.09. Much more reasonable than the average film.

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