GTA Online’s The Vespucci Job Makes an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Last week’s GTA Online update came with a smorgasboard of discounts, plus double cash and RP in Gunrunning Missions. Rockstar is extending its hospitality again in this week’s very vintage (and very Italian) game mode: The Vespucci Job. It’s essentially a cat and mouse car chase reminiscent of Target Assault mode. You sit behind the wheel of the Weensy Issi Classic (or another car of your choice) either as chaser or absconder.

The Vespucci Job also brings three new vehicles out of the pit stop: the aforementioned Issi Classic (on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos menu), the Vapid GT sports car (available for purchase at Legendary Motorsport), and the Sea Sparrow — a nifty little chopper that’s convenient for navigation of both land and sea (courtesy of Elitás Travel).

In addition to your standard double GTA$ and RP, The Vespucci Job (which runs up to April 23) offers bodyguards and associates twice the normal salary, as well as some vehicle and vehicle modification discounts.

Recently, it was revealed by finance tracking website MarketWatch that Grand Theft Auto V holds the title of “most financially successful media title of all time.”

Image credit: BoxOfficeMojo