Target Assault Mode Tearing Down GTA Online’s Roads

Avid players of GTA Online will no doubt already be aware of Target Assault Mode, a frewheeling new racing option Rockstar Games just unlocked.

It’s part of the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series, a racing-themed content update that yields new vehicles and cash-doubling events amongst other perks on a weekly basis. Last week saw the introduction of the Vapid Ellie, a classic feat of fine American engineering, and the extraterrestrially good-looking Pegassi Tezeract. But there’s another all terrain terror that’s perfect for low-impact racing, and that’s the Vapid Caracara, a crimson camo pickup truck with a machine gun mounted in the rear.

In Target Assault, you and a buddy team up A Way Out style; one of you takes the wheel, the other keeps fellow racers inside the crosshairs and unleashes bulletstorms.

The objective is to complete each course with the most points, but after each lap, you’ll be switching roles between driver and gunner — so don’t get too trigger happy. Currently, Target Assault Mode is offering a total of seven unique tracks, with the bonus opportunity of earning double RP and GTA$ throughout the week.