Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series Revving up on GTA Online

In case you missed it, GTA Online is getting a pretty huge racing-themed overhaul. Last week, Rockstar Games generously doubled cash and RP in both Occupy Modes and Bunker Series, and it looks like the benevolent trend is about to continue. Right up until March 26, you’ll be able to join the Hotring Circuit — one of two new racing modes — with 30 other players in a gas-guzzling competition that also multiplies your RP and GTA$ by two. The Hotring Circuit is a classic throwback to GTA: Vice City and brings five new vehicles into the mix: Taipan, Declasse Hotring Sabre, Entity XXR, Vapid GB200 and Vulcar Fagaloa.

The heartpounding action continues in Target Assault mode, which makes its debut on April 3. Target Assault is a frantic fusion of steering and shooting, challenging up to eight teams (each manned by two players) to balance the subtle art of destroying targets while outcompeting fellow racers to swipe up extra points. Rockstar is promising more vehicular goodness come May 1. A total of 10 unique special races is on the way, so be prepared to soar past air gates and dodge underwater mines to claim victory. There are also two additional Adversary Modes in the works, made with off-road combat lovers in mind.