A Scrabble Keyboard That’s Perfect for Logophiles

If you’re the sort of individual whose devotion is torn between tech and terminology, this officially licensed Scrabble keyboard should be your new religion. It’s got Cherry MX brown mechanical switches, a compact tenkeyless design, and even includes Scrabble-themed custom keycaps. I have the feeling Scrabble’s inventor Alfred Mosher Butts would be extremely proud if he was still with us.

The Scrabble Keyboard: A mechanical marvel that sends your lexical sensors into tabletop mode. Image: Massdrop

Like most brilliant ideas, the Scrabble keyboard was born at two in the morning, inside a dream no less. Cassidy Williams, a software engineer who is also Amazon’s head of developer voice programs, said she had envisioned “a keyboard that looked like a game of Scrabble” before realising its enormous potential. Who knows, that’s probably how keytars came into existence as well. So Williams set forth on a quest to make this dream a reality, contacting numerous individuals in touch with Hasbro peeps. After some back and forth, and a series of fortunate events that ended with Williams bumping into Massdrop at a keyboard meetup, the project had lift off.

So, what exactly are you getting here? Well, it’s a best of both worlds WASD keyboard with anti-scratch rubber feet, LED indicators, support for multiple keyboard layouts (QWERTY, Dvorak and Colemak), and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. The 1.8m micro USB to USB cable will establish a comfortable degree of freedom between the screen and your fingers, and the 907 g weight is on the lighter side for a mechanical keyboard.

Interested in purchasing theĀ Massdrop x Hasbro Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard? You can get one from the official website for $159.99 USD. Orders begin shipping onĀ September 4.