PlayStation 5 Gossip Erupts on ResetEra, Specs & CPU Details Hinted

Technology news website SemiAccurate is willing to part with PlayStation 5 details, but only if you hand over $100 first. Add $900 on top of that if you want analysis offered by the professional level subscription. That does sound awfully pricey.

Luckily, ResetEra users with access to the material were able to share some key points mentioned. It seems the PlayStation 5 (let’s assume Sony is going to continue its incremental style of baptism) will adopt the AMD Navi GPU as its base architecture, the latest in AMD’s Graphics Core Next (GCN) series. It won’t specifically be using Navi, however, the implication is that PlayStation 5 will provide next gen memory and better scalability.

ResetEra forum poster Llazy posted a synopsis of the article

The CPU apparently uses a customised Zen microarchitecture, and PlayStation 5 kits have already been dispatched to select users. Furthermore, the article insinuates a 2018 release “is not out of the question”. This early on, it’s difficult to confirm anything at speculative level with confidence. What do you think? Will Sony be spilling the beans on PlayStation 5 at E3? Let us know your thoughts.