Physical PS4 & Switch Versions of Thimbleweed Park On the Way

Quirky graphic adventure Thimbleweed Park will be immortalised in physical editions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Publishing house Limited Run Games, who has previously helped release physical versions of both Broken Age and interactive FMV Night Trap is making it possible.

Thimbleweed Park has already made its console debut, but to celebrate the game’s one year anniversa-reno, hard copy collectors will be offered a standard version ($34.99 USD) and a special collector’s edition ($64.99 USD) that contains nostalgic extras. Make the collector’s plunge to score a newspaper, foldable menu poster, post-it notes, and more. The Nintendo Switch copy even comes with an exclusive phone book, but you probably won’t get an achievement if you call all the numbers…

All physical editions are region free, which means they’ll work anywhere around the globe. They’re also limited editions, so be prepared to swoop like a bird of prey when they launch on March 30.

Disclosure: Author supported Thimbleweed Park on kickstarter.