The Surge 2 To Be More Open-World; Feature Character Customization

The Surge 2, the sequel to last years dark-souls-esque hardcore RPG, The Surge, has been a hot topic of late. While the original release did have some issues here and there, it was widely considered to be a successful game – and it seems with the upcoming release, the Studio has learned from its mistakes.

Deck13, speaking to Hobby Consolas and Everyey, has confirmed that fans can expect a far more fleshed out experience with The Surge 2.

First off, players will now be able to control a fully customisable character (the original had a set main character you had to play as), secondly, the combat is set to be slightly more difficult, and thirdly, the game will be far more open-world in scope. This means more exploration, interconnected areas and NPC side quests.

The Surge 2 will launch in 2019; it has been confirmed to be launching for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.