Dissembler is a Match Made in Minimalist Puzzle Heaven

Ian MacLarty‘s smorgasboard of delightfully quirky titles is about to expand. You’ve met Jelly Juggle and The Catacombs of Solaris, now flex your fingers for Dissembler, a subtle colour-matching game with an abstract veneer.

Each puzzle is self-contained, and challenges you to flip pairs of striking, Warholian tiles to make them disappear. But wait, I hear you protest, don’t Candy CrushBejewelled and countless other match-three games go to town on that mechanic? Indeed, they do. The difference in Dissembler is that what you see is what you get; no additional tiles drop onto the board, so you need to invest maximum brain power to solve its challenges. They start basic, gradually working up to more fiendish territory across 120 levels of cathartic minimalism. Dissembler also takes accessibility into account with a colour blind mode, and best of all, has no distracting in-app purchases. Pure zen in every swipe.

Dissembler is out February 22 for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and iOS devices.