Total War: Arena Entering Open Beta; Carthage Faction Announced

The open beta for team-based RTS Total War: Arena will be kicking off from February 22, Wargaming Alliance and Creative Assembly have revealed. The first free to play iteration of the Total War formula, Total War: Arena has historically swung the polemical pendulum across three main factions: Greeks, Romans and Barbarians. However, in celebration of the impending open beta launch, a new, tactically gifted faction — Carthage — will be introduced.

Marching in the front line of the fourth faction are Hannibal and Hasdrubal Barca, legendary Carthaginian commanders who can unleash a chorus of destruction that instills deep fear. While Hannibal can animate even the most sluggish heavy infantry and war elephants, transforming them into weapons of ambush, Hasdrubal’s talent for buffing and debuffing units comes to the rescue of quicker-moving troops, obliterating any rivals who dare to block their path. And to the Romans’ great displeasure, Carthage is bolstered by a rock-solid skirmish cavalry that can swiftly crush any stragglers.

Download Total War: Arena for PC (Windows only) here.