Melodic Platformer ‘Newt One’ Bopping Towards Valentine’s Day Launch

As the last few exuberant drops of Super Lucky’s Tale turn to vapour, the 3D platformer vessel starts to feel unmistakably hollow. Eager to pour in a colourful concoction of cute, non-linear 3D adventuring is DevNAri, the indie team behind Newt One.

Newt One invites players to explore a dormant world in serious need of a colour injection. As tonic traveller Newt, your job is to bop, bounce and reinvigorate the realm that’s fallen prey to the Great Slumber. Embellished with an adaptive musical soundtrack, Newt One stretches across four worlds, each consisting of six levels, and prides itself on nonviolent mechanics that reward players whenever they give, not take.

Newt One will be launching on February 14 via Utomik‘s subcription-based service. In the mean time, you can get a feel for Newt One‘s enchanting harmonics in a free demo that’s available for both Mac and Windows (controller support included).