Nintendo Switch Has Sold Faster Than Wii In Germany

Nintendo Switch has been performing considerably well across the globe, with the Switch even outpacing PS4 sales in the US, Spain, Italy, and France.

Now, we also know that it is outpacing the Wii in Germany. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch has sold 600,000 units in Germany since launch, which makes it their fastest selling system there, ever.

This essentially means that the Hybrid console is doing fantastically well in every major territory except for the UK – where it’s performing ok, but not as well as the other major consoles.

In other Nintendo News, the entertainment company has released a low-tech DIY creation kit for the Switch, read more about it, here.

‘In Japanese, the word “Labo” (more commonly represented as “ラボ” in katakana script) is an abbreviation for laboratory. And indeed, the Labo is being marketed as a DIY creation kit. It encourages users to experiment and invent works of art called ‘Toy-Cons creations”, which can be customised with colour, paint and stickers. The intended audience is obviously young children, but that’s not to say there aren’t any adults who won’t enjoy building a masterpiece of their own. Older lego enthusiasts are a case in point.’

The Switch is out now at any major retailer.