Dragon Ball FighterZ: 10 Things You NEED To Know

Dragon Ball Z is a fighting phenomenon with little need for introduction. If you grew up in the nineties, chances are high that you’ve watched a few episodes of the anime. You might even have the Gohan versus Cell fight completely memorised.

In Australia, they had these nifty little collectibles called ‘Tazos’, which were of course all the rage at school. So it’s pretty delightful news to hear Bandai Namco is bringing back the original cast of DBZ characters for upcoming 2.5D action title, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Of course, it’ll be outfitted with fighting genre staples like story mode and arcade mode plus versus and online, that last of which splits into casual and ranked matches. But as Jake describes, we’ll also be treated to a completely new playable female character in the form of Android 21. She’ll be Story Mode’s primary antagonist, and has apparently paid a bunch of androids to do her dirty work. Check out our vid for more details.

Pre-orders for Dragon Ball FighterZ are now live on Steam, the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store.