Days Gone and Spider Man Both Reaffirmed For 2018 Release

Worried about Days Gone and Spider-Man getting pushed back? Don’t worry, Sony and Insomniac have both reaffirmed that these titles will definitely arrive in 2018.

In a “Year in Review” email sent out by Sony, the publisher included a look at games to look forward to in 2018. One of the games slated for 2018 is Days Gone. This is pretty interesting considering there has been no mention from the team behind the zombie survival title regarding a 2018 release. Even the official PlayStation site has listed the game as “TBC”.

When it comes to Insomniac’s highly anticipated take on Spider-Man fans were worried to see that the game was noticeably absent from the email, luckily Insomniac Games community director James Stevenson quickly reassured fans it will release this year. He also told fans to “stay tuned” for news regarding a Collector’s Edition or Steelbook Edition of the game.

It should be noted that neither games have a solid release date, so (while highly unlikely) we may have to wait for 11 months before the games actually arrive on PS4. Either way, it looks like 2018 is already proving to have a stellar lineup of games, I wonder what this year’s E3 will have in store for us.