The Surge Has Splitscreen In Netflix Show Dark


A short scene in Netflix first ever German-produced show, Dark depicts two characters playing The Surge, split-screen. The issue with this is that The Surge actually doesn’t actually have any split screen functionality IRL.

Deck13 has responded to this issue, stating that the Studio allowed the show to do some creative altering of the game to fit the narrative a little mroe snug.

A Deck13 representative said on Reddit that the Dark producers contacted Deck13 “months” before the show premiered on December 1 regarding thier keeness to feature the game in the show. The main reason for this was because The Surge was developed in Germany. “We agreed and allowed them to even fake a splitscreen if it fitted better for their idea. Some kind of creative rework one could say,” the Deck13 representative said.

While the hype is out there about the possibility of a real split-screen integration, Deck13 came crashing down on fans hopes stating that “Technically it’d wreck the console” That’s a pity, in this day and age split-screen gaming has become an unfortunate thing of the past – and The Surge would make a perfect applicant to include this option. I guess we’ll just have to stick to Call of Duty and our top-down shooters to get that nostalgic feel back.

The Surge is out now for PS4.