Nintendo Switch Sales Hit The 10 Million Mark In Only 9 Months

Nintendo’s flagship console and quite possibly biggest contender to Sony’s has just hit an incredible milestone. The Switch has just hit the 10 million units worldwide, just nine months since its launch. It’s a pretty incredible feat, especially because it’s set to outsell the Wii U’s 13.5 million lifetime sales by the end of 2017.

An interesting statistic to note is that the console is performing more or less the same as the PS4 in the same amount of time when it launched back in 2013. That being said, when the PS4 reached the end of its 9-month mark it had the holiday season to boost up its numbers – while the Switch still has the rest of December to get through. I guess to even it out however, the Switch released worldwide, while the PS4 hadn’t released in Japan just yet.

Both consoles have outperformed the Xbox One which only managed to hit the 10 million mark after a year.

Considering these brilliant statistics, it’s clear to see that Nintendo Switch is here to stay. I wonder what Nintendo has in store for us next year for the Hybrid console.

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