The Most Social Mobile App of 2017 is Pictionary

Six million players around the world can’t be wrong. Pictionary was rebranded for mobile devices in February, reintroducing its classic sketch and guess gameplay formula to a new wave of excited fans. And it’s not just the diehard digital artists who are loving it. Pictionary outworded and outdrew competition by picking up the Most Social award in Google Play’s Best of 2017 accolades.

The colourful reimagining harnesses the essence of the original while introducing additional drawing categories like sport and movies, plus a zoom tool hat lets users magnify their illustrations to exercise greater precision.

In a special Christmas update, developer Etermax (Trivia CrackAworded Crack) embraces the festive spirit, fitting Pictionary‘s characters with Santa hats and arming them with candy canes.

Those interested in some artistic holiday fun can download Pictionary for free on Android or iOS today.